Our first-ever 5K fundraiser, #CommunityStrong Walk 2017, is just over a month away. We are so excited!

We can’t wait to join our amazing community and stroll along the scenic Carroll Creek. But on this walk, we’ll be doing more than taking in the sights and sounds of beautiful downtown Frederick. We’ll be raising awareness about what CLI does and the importance of inclusion to our society.

Inclusion means so much to our organization. It’s more than just something we advocate for — it’s something we are passionate about. Being included isn’t something anyone should have to fight for — it should be a given. Unfortunately, that is not the case. People of all backgrounds and abilities continue to fight for their right to be an equal part of societal dialogue.

This 5K may be just a walk, but if it sparks a conversation about the importance of providing equal opportunities for people of all abilities, we’ll mark it as a success.

If you’re interested in taking part in our walk on June 25, register here or download this paper registration and email it to Elaina.

We’d also like to take a moment to thank the amazing folks at the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek for presenting Community Living with a grant for $2,000 to be used for emergency supplies earlier this month. These supplies will be life-saving in the event of a disaster. We are so very appreciative!