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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Though the holiday is one celebrating love, it isn’t universally enjoyed. For people who aren’t in relationships, or those who have lost a significant other or partner, Valentine’s Day can be difficult. It can be hard to watch other people celebrating something you’ve lost or perhaps never had.

But Valentine’s Day can be about so much more than romantic relationships. Instead of feeling deprived, we can choose to feel grateful for the love of any kind we have in our lives. We can celebrate the love we have for our friends and family, and the love they have for us. How lucky are we to have people — whatever their relation to us may be — who care about us so deeply?

In today’s society, being “single” can often be seen as a negative — a situation to be pitied. But, really, that isn’t the case. While we are inherently social creatures, we are also perfectly “whole” without others. Being around other people should complement our own state of being — not replace it.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and, regardless of whether you’re in a relationship, let’s try to see the holiday as an opportunity to show your appreciation for those you care about. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, forms and varieties. So, let’s celebrate that. Let’s celebrate the amazing diversity of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!