Happy Tuesday! Today, we get a triple “holiday.” Jan. 24 is Beer Can Appreciation Day, National Peanut Butter Day and, our personal favorite here at CLI, National Compliment Day.

Any day is the perfect day to be kind to someone, but there’s something really special about giving someone a genuine compliment. Too often, we get caught up in only giving compliments when we think we’ll get something back in return — whether it be another compliment or an action that somehow benefits us. It’s so rare in today’s society to contemplate the best parts we see in someone else and let them know that we appreciate those qualities. Genuine compliments are hard to come by and, because of that, we tend to dismiss them when they’re given. We look for the giver’s ulterior motives. What does this person want from me? What would inspire them to give unsolicited praise? What are they looking to accomplish? 

It’s hard to imagine someone would praise or applaud us for no apparent reason. But that’s exactly why we need to give those unsolicited, no-strings-attached words of praise. Giving genuine compliments is beneficial both for the giver and the receiver. It’s like sharing laughter or a warm smile. It’s an instant boost for the recipient and, by seeing how confident and happy we make them feel, we, as the giver, feel just as empowered.

So today, make a point to share a real, honest compliment with someone — whether it’s a stranger, a friend, or a colleague. Be the reason they smile. You never know — that smile you cause could be the best part of their day.