With 2017 officially underway, resolutions seem to be flying left and right. It’s easy to make resolutions. It’s not so easy to stick to them.

But this year, many people are taking a step back from the idea of making “resolutions,” and instead focusing on making “goals.” The difference is, goals give you something to work toward, while resolutions give you only a fixed, desirable end point. Resolutions act as a sort of self-punishment, while goals focus on active change approached with patience and kindness toward ourselves and our situations. Resolutions focus on the negative, while goals center on the positive. It’s an attitude shift more than anything else, but it’s an important one.

And it’s why, this year, we don’t have any resolutions. But we do have a few goals.

  • We’d like to continue serving the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to ensure every person is given the same opportunity to earn gainful employment and enjoy whatever experiences make them happy.
  • We’d like to work even harder to promote inclusion, not just within the job descriptions of the employees here at CLI, but in our everyday lives, as well.
  • We’d like to, as a staff, work together to give back as much as we can to our amazing community.
  • We’d like to ensure that we never fail to acknowledge and show our gratitude for the generous support of our community, both in Frederick and beyond.
  • We’d like to continue to raise awareness about the importance of embracing and celebrating all people’s abilities.
  • And, lastly, we’d like to continue to make our mission our No. 1 priority: To provide “supports and services to empower adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live their lives to the fullest.”

2017 has only just begun, and we’re so excited to see where this new year will take us.