In today’s world, it’s no secret that money drives most actions. This is really a necessity more than anything else — we need money to survive. But, oddly enough, the exchanging of funds has become synonymous with the idea of “giving.”

When most of us think of giving to others, our thoughts immediately turn to money. This is the case whether we’re asked to help out a nonprofit, an agency, or a person in need.

But giving doesn’t have to be monetary. There are SO many daily opportunities to giveĀ  of ourselves, and writing out a check is just one of them.

Perhaps you have a skill that could benefit someone or some organization in need and, instead of charging for your services, you help out for free. Or, if you can’t afford not to charge, maybe you could provide a sizable discount. Another way of giving is by being a connector. Maybe you know someone who has a need that another acquaintance happens to specialize in, and you can bring the two together.

Maybe you can lend a helpful book to someone who could really use some inspiration. Or, perhaps you can watch your friends’ kids so they can have a date night. You could even just get on the phone and give someone you know a call, just to focus on what’s going on in their life for a bit.

Our society is all about money, but giving back doesn’t have to be. And you shouldn’t be made to feel bad if you can’t afford to donate monetarily. There are countless ways to help out in this world and, whatever talent you have, there’s a useful action to match.

We all can make a difference — one kind act at a time.