When you think about it, it really is amazing just how powerful social media is. Granted, it can (and has) caused a world of problems.

But let’s just take a moment to consider how useful social media can be for doing good in our community:

  • Rally your friends to make a difference. Through the advent of social media, it’s easier than ever to spread the word about fundraising events in which you’re taking part. Participating in a charity walk? You can raise funds by posting about it on social media. Just found out about a great cause you know your friends will want to get behind? Let them know on social media.
  • Figure out where there is a need. Not sure where to give your time or money? All you have to do is join one of the many Facebook groups in your area and ask the other members what organiations are out there. Chances are, you’ll get plenty of suggestions by the time the day is out.
  • Follow organizations directly. Want to stay connected to your favorite nonprofit? Just “like” their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram or Twitter. Finding out what they need and how you can help, as well as some of the great events they have coming up, is as easy as the touch of a finger.
  • Educate. So many people are unaware of what’s really going on in the world until they read about it on social media. And, unfortunately, oftentimes the information that’s shared isn’t all that accurate. That’s why sharing verified, factual information about what’s happening and how people can make a difference is so important. And doing so on a platform people frequent multiple times a day can make all the difference.

The list goes on and on. Social media certainly has its drawbacks, and it has a great deal of flaws. But, when you look at the positives, it’s hard not to see the good that it has done in the world of community service.

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