The People Served at Community Living

The people served at Community Living are qualified to receive services from the state’s Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), which also oversees all aspects of resident care. Each person’s needs are different, and some people need a bit more assistance than others. (Learn more about intellectual and developmental disabilities here). For some, support may include guidance with finances, housekeeping, job training, etc. Others with more significant or multiple disabilities will have round-the-clock staff companions. These staff people provide full support for daily living at home and in the community for the people we serve. Most of Community Living’s residents, though, fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. With staff assistance, everyone we support is able to make choices that support independence. CLI fully trains our staff for all medical, behavioral, household, nutritional and other needs. Find out more about applying for services here. 


During the Day

All CLI participants hold regular jobs, attend day programs or are retired and involved in the agency’s Retirement Our Way (ROW) program. Community Living carries out its name in that all people participate as fully in their community as their abilities allow. With some help and support, residents do their own shopping, go to public events, walk in the park, attend worship, cheer on their favorite teams, and picnic at the playground – the same activities their neighbors partake in. They enjoy life’s simple treats such as eating out at restaurants, going to the movies, getting haircuts, and playing bingo at a local senior center. The people we support are actively involved in their home lives, as well, from meal planning and cooking, watching videos and listening to music, to personal housekeeping and gardening.

People served at Community Living maintain and decorate their own rooms, which helps to establish personal pride and independence. Oftentimes, the people we support invite community members to their homes because they are so proud of where they live.