Vocational Program

Vocational Program

A young woman served by Community Living, wearing a Greenbriar shirt, sits in a chair.Our vocational program is designed for people with higher levels of independence who enjoy working. This program aims to place workers in areas they find enjoyable and ones suitable to their abilities.

The individuals served in this program are dependable and productive and, with the support of a job coach, many are able to eventually fulfill their job duties independently. Our staff provides supports to both the employer and the worker to maximize a successful placement.

The people we support can be seen working throughout Frederick County in a variety of settings. Current and past places of employment have included Shockley Honda, Wendy’s, Dublin Roasters, Weis, Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital, and many more.

In addition to helping to find employment, we offer other services for the community:

Thanks to our commercial equipment, we are able to provide professional quality services to the businesses in Frederick. We not only offer a great price but we also include pick-up and delivery as part of our standard services. Call our Laundry Line at 301-471-9359 to set up your laundry service today!

We can do all kinds of projects from rolling silverware to packaging products. Do you have mass mailing projects? We can do that too! Anything that is repetitive, without the fancy factory machinery, can be done here. We can go to your business or do it at our center. Our costs are affordable and it gives the people we serve more opportunities for paid work.

Janitorial work is pretty serious stuff! Not only did we take time for vocational training, we also consulted with a professional janitorial business, Top Quality Services, to make sure we have top tools for the jobs.

In addition, we’re always holding training classes for the people we support to enhance each person’s employability and make sure they have the tools they will need to be successful in their jobs.

The people we support are dedicated, talented, and ready to work. If you or someone you know is hiring, we know several folks who’d love the opportunity to join your team. The Vocational Services program is held at 7618 Hayward Road in Frederick. To learn more, contact Tom Buttner, day services director, at thomasb@communitylivinginc.org. 

To learn about our other programs, click here.

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Put 'em up!

There aren't many tickets left for Denim & Diamonds, and you wouldn't want to have to fight for them! (Well, it wouldn't come to that, but while we have your attention...get your tickets!)

You can grab yours at www.communitylivinginc.org!
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Eric and Nicholas had so much fun at @redrobin a few weeks back.

What's your favorite dish to get there?

[Image description: Eric and Nicholas are shown at Red Robin. They are both at a table with plates in front of them. Both are smiling for the camera].
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Community Living, Inc.3 days ago
Some of the people we support had a great time at UniverSoul Circus last month!

[Image description: An animated slideshow shows three photos of people supported by CLI and staff at the event. Two are selfies and one shows two people CLI supports standing in front of the UniverSoul Circus sign].
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