Independent Support Services and Personal Support Services are outreach programs that support individuals with developmental disabilities who want to live on their own, rather than in a group home with full-time staff. Community Living currently supports nearly 50 people through these services – our fastest growing programs. Community Living provides drop-in assistance to help individuals enhance skills and achieve maximum independence.  Support is also provided to assist people in becoming more involved in their community’s opportunities for social and recreational activities. Some people choose to live on their own, while others prefer to reside with friends with whom they can share living expenses. Many people are able to take advantage of available subsidies from government sources such as HUD and those offered by local utilities. Regardless of the setting, personal support services is offered for meeting virtually any life experience.

People involved with Community Living’s Support Services program:

  • Maintain their own home (alone or in a home-sharing situation with others)
  • Do their own shopping
  • Participate in community functions
  • Vote
  • Own and care for pets
  • Use public transportation
  • Take their own medications
  • Plan and pay for vacations
  • Choose their own recreational activities

Community Living Support Services staff members provide support for:

  • Medical and dental appointments
  • Financial management and budgeting (including taxes and insurance)
  • Recreational activities
  • Nutritional needs
  • Social development
  • Shopping excursions
  • Employment needs
  • Crisis intervention

For further information about Community Living’s Support Services program, contact Community Living at (301) 663-8811 or The Support Services program is held at 7618 Hayward Road in Frederick.

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