We imagine a world where people don’t have to worry about getting the job they want just because they have a disability. This world is possible — and it’s becoming more of a reality thanks to a new initiative called Employment First. Community Living is an Employment First agency, meaning we believe that employment should be the first option for the people we serve, and that no one should be denied the chance to work because of their disability.

If you’re wondering how you can help, here are a few important ways:

  • Are you an employer? If so, think about how your business could benefit from a more diverse culture. Oftentimes, employers see hiring someone with a disability as a service to that individual, rather than as a benefit to their company. This is where education is so important. Employing people of different backgrounds and ability levels can enhance the workplace in a variety of ways. For more information, employers can visit this website.
  • Do you know an employer who is hiring? Let us know! Our job developer is always out in the community looking to connect with employers and help find the perfect career matches for the people we serve.
  • Education is so very important. We’ve found that many employers, and community members in general, are oftentimes unfamiliar with disabilities, both generally and specifically. We hold free educational programs for workplaces, schools, houses of worships, and more. We discuss what intellectual and developmental disabilities are, how to foster an inclusive environment, what the correct language to use is, and also answer whatever questions people have. To request an educational program at your company or location, email Elaina.

Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for your support!