Monocacy Foundation

History and rationale of The Monocacy Foundation

A natural outgrowth of Community Living’s mission, The Monocacy Foundation was established in 1995 to provide money to persons with developmental disabilities to cover some expenses not otherwise funded.

Examples of these expenses include:

  • Vacations
  • Senior day care program fees
  • Burial expenses
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Pet ownership costs
  • Adaptive or specialized medical equipment
  • Interpreters for the Deaf or hard of hearing
  • Specialized medical care
  • Employment training

While many of the above are not critical needs, for most of us they are important for overall well-being and satisfaction. The same is also true for persons with developmental disabilities of all ages.

Community Living has always scrambled to find funds not provided through traditional sources (state government, United Way, HUD, etc.) in order to provide “extra necessities” for its residents. The same is true for individuals and families caring for those with disabilities. Sometimes contributions arrived earmarked for those extras, but not nearly often enough. What could be done to bridge this funding gap?

The bridge-building began with a gift of real estate from the late Donald Hiltner and his wife, Winnie. The Hiltners, retired furniture store owners and Donald a former alderman for the City of Frederick, understood that financial stability is central any successful endeavor, and they wanted to back a local organization’s efforts to help their neighbors with disabilities. A family member directed the Hiltners to Community Living, and the basis for a new endowment fund was created.

The Hiltners’ gift became the Community Living Foundation, and funds realized from the endowment were designated for Community Living residents only. However, a year later, it was clear that the developmentally disabled community as a whole would benefit from the endowment. So to reflect this change of outreach and purpose, the fund was renamed The Monocacy Foundation. Since 2001, the Fund has been a participant of the Community Foundation of Frederick County.

The gift of giving

The Foundation has awarded more than $250,000 worth of grants since its inception and has paid for gait trainers for several Rock Creek School students, funeral and burial funds, a special ski for a teen with left-sided paralysis, orthopedic shoes for a disabled woman, a computer for a young woman and several teens with autism, several days of vacation at Deep Creek Lake for six disabled gentlemen, and adapted communication devices for a number of young people — to name a few.

In addition to real estate, gifts to the Foundation have come in the form of cash and proceeds from the sale of tangible goods. Gifts have been presented by family members, friends and the corporate community.

Monocacy Foundation trustees have decided to solicit donations from the community just once a year. This will be carried out as part of the annual newsletter detailing our grant awards ceremony. The Foundation also accepts gifts and bequests of every nature, such as real estate, trusts, annuities, appreciated stock, life insurance, and tangible personal property. Donor-advised funds may also be established. The Foundation is happy to provide further information for any inquiries on this topic, and can even assist with estate planning.

The Monocacy Foundation desires to provide persons with developmental disabilities in our community a path to enrich social and recreational opportunities — to a place where dignity is not hampered by financial means. Your contribution helps others cross that bridge, and will make a substantial difference.

See the Monocacy Foundation’s Board of Trustees here.

View the Monocacy Foundation application for individuals here, and the application for organizations here.

For more information, contact Marty Young at Community Living: 301-663-8811 or