Community Connections

Community Connections

What the world needs now…

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Happy Valentine’s Day! This holiday is so much fun. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and it’s wonderful to have the chance to celebrate it. For some, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show their significant other just how important they are. For others, it’s a day to recognize the amazing friendships that make life so meaningful. And to many people, it’s a chance to recognize the importance of self-love and self-care. However you’re celebrating, remember that love begins from within. And you...

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We all have something to give

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  In today’s world, it’s no secret that money drives most actions. This is really a necessity more than anything else — we need money to survive. But, oddly enough, the exchanging of funds has become synonymous with the idea of “giving.” When most of us think of giving to others, our thoughts immediately turn to money. This is the case whether we’re asked to help out a nonprofit, an agency, or a person in need. But giving doesn’t have to be monetary. There are SO many daily opportunities to give ...

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Happy National Compliment Day!

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Did you know that today is National Compliment Day? It’s true. There’s a day for everything and, if we’re being honest, we could probably do without some of them (do we really need a National Orange Juice Day?), but this one is pretty important. Life is busy and hectic and, in the hustle and bustle of everything, it’s easy to forget even the simplest of human courtesies, let alone unrequired kindnesses. Giving someone a compliment, especially when it doesn’t directly benefit us, isn’t always on our radar....

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A brighter future

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Recently, I (Elaina, CLI’s marketing director) had the chance to attend a meeting of the Frederick Women’s Civic Club (shoutout to Gina Opatovsky for the invitation). This organization, a chapter of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, does great work right here in Frederick. At that meeting, Ed Hinde of SHIP (Student Homelessness Initiative Project), gave a short presentation about what SHIP does for the young people in our community who have no homes. Being in the presence of such amazing people who do such meaningful...

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Need a great gift for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered

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Valentine’s Day is just over a month away. If you aren’t sure what to get for your special someone, don’t fret — we’ve got you covered! For as little as $3, you can enter to win a $25 gift card at The Candy Kitchen, and $30 in gift cards to Frederick Florist. You can’t go wrong with candy and flowers on Valentine’s Day! For just $5 a ticket, you can enter to win a couple’s adventure at Clue IQ, an escape room right here in Frederick. And, for only $7 a ticket, you can try your hand at winning a...

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The power of social media

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When you think about it, it really is amazing just how powerful social media is. Granted, it can (and has) caused a world of problems. But let’s just take a moment to consider how useful social media can be for doing good in our community: Rally your friends to make a difference. Through the advent of social media, it’s easier than ever to spread the word about fundraising events in which you’re taking part. Participating in a charity walk? You can raise funds by posting about it on social media. Just found out about a great...

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Another year; 365 more chances

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What were your resolutions for 2017? Did you promise to be more patient? To make more time for what truly matters? Did you make good on those resolutions? At the end of every year, we look back on the events of the last 12 months and assess our progress in life. We measure our successes and our failures — every day gets a score; each event is given a value. Did we accomplish everything we set out to? Did we make the people around us proud? Did we make ourselves proud? There’s so much pressure placed on individual years. We give...

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The greatest gifts

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The holiday season is pretty special. It’s the one time of year that everyone seems focused on one thing: giving. Whether it’s giving gifts to friends and family or making charitable donations to causes we’re passionate about, this season is all about doing for others. There’s really nothing like seeing the expression on a loved one’s face when they open the present you gave them — that one thing you know they really wanted. The feeling of making a positive difference in someone’s life is so powerful....

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Employment First!

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  You’ve probably heard us talk a lot about Employment First. This is a really important initiative that organizations like CLI are taking part in to help make our community more inclusive.  The basis of Employment First is the belief that integrated employment should be the first option for people with significant disabilities. Inclusion is what makes this possible. If you have any questions about our Employment First efforts, or what they mean, feel free to contact us at...

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WhatsUp Community Expo TONIGHT!

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  It’s November 7 and, here at CLI, that can only mean one thing: It’s time for the first WhatsUp Community Expo at the Delaplaine Arts Center! We’ve been excited about this move for weeks. The Expo started out as the Community Forum Night, a monthly networking event held on the first Tuesday of every month at the C. Burr Artz Library. We had 12 months of amazing events at the library, but we ultimately outgrew the space. We’re so grateful to the Delaplaine Arts Center for welcoming our program and partnering with...

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