Community Connections

Community Connections

We’re ready to walk!

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Our first-ever 5K fundraiser, #CommunityStrong Walk 2017, is just over a month away. We are so excited! We can’t wait to join our amazing community and stroll along the scenic Carroll Creek. But on this walk, we’ll be doing more than taking in the sights and sounds of beautiful downtown Frederick. We’ll be raising awareness about what CLI does and the importance of inclusion to our society. Inclusion means so much to our organization. It’s more than just something we advocate for — it’s something we are...

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Happy National Nurses Week!

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This week is National Nurses Week, corresponding with Florence Nightingale’s birthday May 12. This annual observation commemorates the men and women who work hard to safegaurd our health on a daily basis. They work long hours, not just to provide medical aid and expertise, but also to give us emotional support and kindness when we need it most. This week, and all weeks, it’s important that we tip our hats to people in a profession that doesn’t generally get much recognition, but is surely very deserving of it. To all the...

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Here’s what’s coming up this month at CLI!

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Happy May! It’s hard to believe we’re already five months into 2017. Where has the time gone? Here at CLI, we’re pretty excited to welcome this new month. For us, May is jam-packed with activities and events, and we’re super pumped to get started. Here’s what we have coming up this month: First off, we have our Alex & Ani fundraiser on Tuesday, May 9. From 5 to 7 p.m., we’ll be at Alex & Ani, in Montgomery Mall, to share what we do with the community, give away yummy treats, and raise money for CLI....

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Introducing our first-ever 5K!

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CLI has introduced a ton of fun, new events in the past several months. But this one might just be our most exciting yet. On Sunday, June 25, we’ll have our first-ever 5K walk fundraiser! The #CommunityStrong Walk 2017 will kick off at our Vocational Services building on Wisner Street with registration/check in at 9 a.m. The walk will start at 10 a.m. and take participants around historic Carroll Creek before looping back to our building. We’ll have refreshments waiting at the finish line, and each walker will receive a...

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We’re pretty lucky

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Here at CLI, we know how lucky we are. We are surrounded by an absolutely amazing community that supports our mission and programs. The people and businesses of Frederick are kind, compassionate and giving, and we’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from that generosity time and again. When it came time to start getting prizes together for this year’s spring bingo, we were overwhelmed by the response we received. Unsolicited messages from small business owners asking us what they could donate for our event to help make it a...

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On the news!

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If you get WHAG, you might have seen CLI on the news recently. Last week, we were featured on the TV station twice — for two very different reasons. The first story was about our transportation initiative. Many of you probably remember our Giving Tuesday fundraiser last November. We were so grateful for the donations we received for a new van. Since then, we’ve been continuing our efforts to raise funds, not just for one vehicle, but to hopefully eventually replace our entire fleet. As the news story states, our vehicles are aging...

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Happy Autism Awareness Month!

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April is known for the rain, the beginnings of spring weather, Easter and Passover celebrations, and the promise of blooming greenery. And it also happens to be Autism Awareness Month. Statistics are often thrown around when it comes to autism and, odds are, we’ve all heard them. We’re familiar with the stat that says 1 in 68 children in America are diagnosed with autism. We know that scientifically, the disorder is more common in boys than girls. We’ve heard the numbers. But the thing is, people with autism are so much more...

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Heading into April with a full heart and an even more full calendar

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It’s officially spring, and it’s finally starting to feel like it. The temperature has been rising (albeit mixed with more than a little rain), and the flowers are starting to bloom. As we near April, our commercial’s run in Westview Cinema reaches a close. We’re so very thankful for the sponsors who made this dream come true for us: Wegmans, Money Mentor Group, WLR Automotive Group, Soldierfit, and Matt Wesp. But, with the end of one exciting event comes the start of another. Or, in our case, many others. The next few...

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Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day! According to, today was selected as World Down Syndrome Day because the 21st day of the third month signifies “the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down syndrome.” March 21 is important for the global community for so many reasons. Firstly, it serves as reminder that all people are worthy of love, respect and kindness. Secondly, it forces us to take a second to remember that there isn’t just one way to make a difference and...

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Gearing up for bingo once again

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It’s hard to believe with the impending snow storm but, yes, spring is almost upon us. And, even though it seems like we JUST held our fall bingo, we’re already well into planning our spring event! Spring bingo is pretty exciting for us for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being we just love the opportunity to get out in the community and have a great time with everyone (and who doesn’t love winning great prizes?!) This spring, we have even more reason to look forward to bingo, as we’re taking a slightly...

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