CLI Team

The CLI team consists of almost 300 staff, all of whom serve our individuals in a unique way. Nearly 85% of our staff provide direct support to our folks, working on a full-time or part-time basis. Others provide their expertise and support in the administrative, health services and other areas. Interested in joining the CLI team? Click here for more information on how to apply.

Michael Planz
Chief Executive Officer

Tom Evans 
Chief Financial Officer

Kim Daigre
Human Resources Director

Kerry Whitsell
Human Resource Assistant

Marybeth Leonard
Quality Assurance Assistant

Elaina Lyons
Fundraising & Marketing Consultant

Sandy Reisinger
Quality Assurance Director

Tom Buttner
Day Services Director

Debra Oehler
Residential Director

Martha Weeks
Residential Coordinator

Mohamed Amara
Residential Coordinator

Rhonda Ryan
Residential Coordinator

Matthew Cora
Training Coordinator

Alyce Burton
Health Services Director

Farhan Akhtar
Health Services Assistant

Kim Sandosky

Stella Mensah
Licensed Practical Nurse

Carlota D. Salter
Support Services Director

Donna Fuss
Support Services Program Manager

Jessica Troxell 
Support Services Coordinator

Meghan Beauchamp
Support Services Coordinator

Ruth Sipes
Support Services Coordinator

Pam Hanline
Case Manager

Karen Keegan
Program Manager

Valerie Mills
Case Manager

Randy Kiser
Job Developer

Destiny Powers
Finance Assistant

Dana Burns
HUD Administrator

Jill Main
LTSS Specialist

Shane Powers
Maintenance Director

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Community Living, Inc.
Community Living, Inc.13 hours ago
Put 'em up!

There aren't many tickets left for Denim & Diamonds, and you wouldn't want to have to fight for them! (Well, it wouldn't come to that, but while we have your attention...get your tickets!)

You can grab yours at!
Community Living, Inc.
Community Living, Inc.2 days ago
Eric and Nicholas had so much fun at @redrobin a few weeks back.

What's your favorite dish to get there?

[Image description: Eric and Nicholas are shown at Red Robin. They are both at a table with plates in front of them. Both are smiling for the camera].
Community Living, Inc.
Community Living, Inc.3 days ago
Some of the people we support had a great time at UniverSoul Circus last month!

[Image description: An animated slideshow shows three photos of people supported by CLI and staff at the event. Two are selfies and one shows two people CLI supports standing in front of the UniverSoul Circus sign].
Community Living, Inc.